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Casino live mega ball free game guide technical information and strategies


Mega Ball Evolution Gaming Free Game Guide

Mega Ball is one of the most popular live games from Evolution Gaming, the provider known worldwide for the best live casino gaming experience.

In addition to Mega Ball, there are various Evolution games: among them we find for example Deal or No Deal and Lightning Dice.

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How to play Mega Ball

This game show is a sort of reinterpretation of the classic online bingo, playing it online is very simple and it is also widely diffused in Canada.

In order to play it, is essential to buy cards, which will have a value assigned by yourself, always respecting the minimum and maximum limits of the game.
You can buy up to 200 mega ball cards.

Evolution Gaming Mega Ball Card Example

Each 5x5 card is made up of a precise combination of 24 numbers placed randomly, with an empty space in the center considered already filled.
For each card it is possible to achieve a maximum of 12 winning lines, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Then 51 balls will be inserted into a drawing machine called electropneumatic machine with automatic extraction. Only a total of 20 balls will then be extracted.

Evolution Gaming Mega Ball Extraction

If the drawn number is present on your card, then it will be marked, so that you can achieve the ultimate goal: to complete one or more rows of numbers, so that you can increase your winnings and make a big win.

But that's not all, as there is an additional feature that could be considered as a sort of Mega Ball Bonus. The croupier, in fact, will turn the so-called Big Wheel, a wheel marked with various multipliers, from x5 up to x100.

Once the multiplier is selected, the Mega Ball will be drawn, which allows you to multiply your winnings, if it completes one or more rows in the folders of your choice.

In some rare cases there is also the immediate possibility of a second Mega Ball draw, allowing other opportunities to consolidate the Budget.

Mega Ball Game Paytable

Below we summarize the Mega Ball game paytable, which is useful to know the ways by which you can win:

  • 1 full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line --> Winning multiplier from x1 to x100
  • 2 complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines --> Winning multiplier from x5 to x500
  • 3 full horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines --> Winning Multiplier from x50 to x5000
  • 4 complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines --> Winning Multiplier from x250 to x25000
  • 5 complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines --> Winning Multiplier from x1000 to x100,000
  • 6 or more full horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines --> Winning Multiplier from x10,000 to x1,000,000

Mega Ball Game Odds and Strategies

For this particular game that does not offer a wide range of actions to the player and does not provide interaction with other users, talking about strategies might be excessive.

It is clear that by buying more cards you have more chances of receiving winning lines, but at the same time you will have to spend a bigger Budget.

One of the most popular strategies is to play with 200 cards (the maximum) by paying the minimum of €/$0.10.
However, there will be no way to interact and change the probability of winning the game. Most of the time it will lead to very risky gaming sessions.

Among certified Casinos that feature this game on their platform are the following:

SPIKE's Advices on Mega Ball

  • To become familiar with the game, you should start playing at low bets, especially in this specific case in which, once you have chosen the folders, you will become "spectators" of the game show.

  • A small caution can be to never place bets higher than €/$5 per folder. The reason lies in the maximum winning limit of €/$500,000. So in case you manage to get the highest multipliers from x100,000 and up, you will still not receive the total winnings.

  • It is preferable to Classic Bingo due to the more favorable house margins.

  • It is a good alternative to Free Online Slots (where you can instead earn free spins through the Bonus game), with an RTP of about 95.50%.

  • Always remember to play moderately, being careful not to get too carried away.

  • Don't forget to use language appropriate to the context so you don't get banned.

Technical details of Mega Ball

  • RTP (payout percentage): up to 95.50%

  • Type of game: Game Show

  • Bet Range: 0.10€/$ to 50€/$

  • You can buy from 1 to 200 cards during the course of a game

  • Maximum Multiplier: 10.000x the bet

  • Maximum Payout Limit: €/$500,000 per round

  • Bonus Feature: Mega Ball with Additional Multiplier from x5 to x100


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