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Who is SPIKE - About me (SPIKE Slot)

About SPIKE Slot - Who is SPIKE?

SPIKE slot: who am I?

Hello everyone, I am SPIKE!

I am a player from central Italy who has made of his vice his main source of income. I have been playing Slot machines in Italy since first legendary slot versions that replaced video pokers. It was around 2006...

Since then, unfortunately, new cabinet slot machines have changed a lot. Some easy winnings that were achieved then are now much more difficult to get. Difficult but not impossible!

The SPIKE YouTube Channel was born in 2009 by chance, when as a pure hobby, I used to upload the winnings I got at cabinet Slots. Because of SPIKE huge gaming experience, showing very difficult winnings for other players, videos started to be followed.

It was only in 2014 that the SPIKE YouTube channel serious activity began, and the mythical series "Days of Ordinary Madness" was born, in which I showed you a typical day: together with my Partners we travel around playing Slots, with various funny gags between one game and another.

The main SPIKE channel with around 50,000 subscribers and over 30 million views was closed in 2019 for unclear reasons from YouTube.

This is where the situation evolved into 2 new channels SPIKE - Slot Machine Bar and Vlt which will only deal with these 2 types of slot machines in Italy, and SPIKE - Slot Online which will instead be dedicated to games/reviews on Online slot machines.
In 2020 the new channel SPIKE - SLOT 2020 was born, following a new bombardment of video removals from the “Fiery December”, that is SPIKE's game marathon with hallucinating Bets.

The official SPIKE slots YouTube channels are right now 5:

  • SPIKE - Bar Slots and VLTs (Cabinet slots videos)
  • SPIKE - Slots Online (old 2019 channel about online slot machines)
  • SPIKE - SLOT 2020 (channel used for uploading new videos, currently renamed to SPIKE)
  • THE BEST OF SPIKE SLOT (channel storing main videos, some of which were removed over time)
  • SPIKE International Gambling Channel (dedicated to International audience with English videos)

Then, due to the passion I have always had for information technology and the digital world, SPIKE became something more solid.

Leaning on my new site www.spikeslot.com it has become the main (and perhaps only) truly competent information and dialogue tool on gambling, for all Slot Machine player. It is possible to compare experiences of various slot machine gamblers, and come to more reliable and safe conclusions.

How did SPIKE win at slot machines?

AWP slots in Italy are governed by a regulation (TULPS - paragraph 6a), which obliges Slot manufacturers to include a skill component as a determining factor of the game outcome, in addition to a random one, of course. And this has been the key to SPIKE winnings accumulated over the years on cabinet machines.

This is not to deceive you about easy earnings. Obviously, slot machines are designed to collect money and not to give it away. Apart from experience, which I can provide you with completely free of charge, a lot will depend on your mental aptitude and your self-control. So I do not assume any responsibility for losses resulting from incorrect use of the information that you will find on this site, the new one, and my videos.

But I guarantee, that with these features, winning at Slots was possible! With the new reduced payouts engine, the situation has changed for the worse and it is not comparable to what you could win years ago with old slots. But it takes knowledge first, the knowledge that can save even a modern-day player.

If an inexperienced player finds himself playing a slot, for example, without knowing it and being convinced that he can get even large amounts of money, he might get into trouble and spend thousands of euros hoping to pursue his intention. Instead, reading on SPIKE Slot you will find that you are tossing away your money. Other types of game may have a different approach.

Visit the site and search for your favorite slot machine. You'll be able to play it for free without registering, and you'll read all my advices on how to deal with it! Always play responsibly!

SPIKE Slot clarifications on his YouTube channels:

I would like to warn you that from time to time channels are created exploiting the image of SPIKE slot, or they are simply FAN channels that upload SPIKE clips or videos. In the first case, videos that reach our attention are reported and removed.

In the second case, by contacting and having SPIKE prior authorization, it is possible to upload clips (not entire videos).


Another clarification to be made: it has often happened that some users comment in other videos, of various kinds, claiming to be SPIKE Slot or one of his collaborators. Any comment of this kind, which does not come from one of the official SPIKE Slot channels, is not to be considered authentic and we dissociate ourselves from any consequence that may have happened.


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