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Live casino mega roulette free game guide for all ca players

LIVE CASINO MEGA ROULETTE - Free Game Guide for All CA Players

Mega Roulette Live Pragmatic Casino Free Game Guide

Mega Roulette is a Live game designed and released by Pragmatic Play provide enthusiastic gaming sessions different from the usual roulette.

The idea of Pragmatic, in fact, is to transform the traditional roulette table game into a Live game characterized by the presence of a dealer who leads the game directly from this softwarehouse studios, and random multipliers that alternate during the game experience.
However, the roulette wheel is automatic, so the dealer will not touch it at any point, but the wheel itself will spin in the clockwise and then counterclockwise directions.

For this reason, it’s guaranteed that Canada online casino users will appreciate Mega Roulette.
In any case, the main purpose of the game is to ensure greater interaction between the participants and the dealer, in order to give all live casino lovers a complete 360° experience.

How to play Mega Roulette?

Mega Roulette is based on the European roulette standards, where players have twenty seconds to be able to place one or more bets.
In particular, the available bets are the same as in the standard mode , and for this reason you can place outside bets (which cover more numbers, but the potential payout is lower than the other types of bets), and inside bets (which on the contrary are more complex, but the potential payout is higher).

In addition, however, before each spin a minimum of one and a maximum of five numbers are selected.
They receive a random multiplier that can have a minimum value of 50x and a maximum value of 500x .
Be careful though, because these multipliers only apply to straight number bets, and in that case the player wins when the ball lands right on the number covered by his bet.

To be more precise we can say that direct bets generate a potential win of 29 : 1.
Once the round is over, bets are reopened and fans have the opportunity to play another round.

Strategies for playing at Mega Roulette casino

First of all it is worth mentioning that there is no trick to always win, as this Live game Return to Player value is approximately 97.30% , and is therefore lower than 100%.

However, you can follow a series of strategies aimed at having an enjoyable game session and better managing your budget.
In fact, it is worth considering the casino game as pure and simple fun, where sometimes you can be lucky and get big wins.

As we have already mentioned previously, Canadian fans have twenty seconds for placing one or more bets, and can choose between straight, outside or inside bets.
The maximum payout that can be achieved during a Mega Roulette session equals to 500 times the initial bet value, and can be obtained thanks to the random assigned multipliers on a minimum of one up to a maximum of five numbers before every spin.

Once these main factors have been considered, we need also to mention that players should never exceed the predetermined budget and they should be gamble aware.
Therefore, you need to use a strategy that will allow you to make many spins in Mega Roulette.

To do this, it is not recommended to follow the strategy of betting on all numbers, as the player should bet on thirty-seven units.
In fact, the value of each winning bet is 29 : 1, which means that this strategy is quite disadvantageous for individual users.

Best Canada certified casinos where to find the Mega Roulette Live game

Mega Roulette is available on the best licensed online casinos, where players can have fun at any time of the day.

In addition, being certified online casinos, these sites guarantee the maximum individual players personal and banking data confidentiality.
They have special encryption systems designed to prevent external data access.

New users can claim Deposit or No Deposit Welcome Bonuses, find assistance with the customer support and try for fun the large game offers.
Even if it’s not possible to play Mega Roulette in free demo mode, users can always join the live game without placing bets, in order to fully understand how it works.
All you will need is a gambling account on your chosen licensed site, remembering to play responsibly.

SPIKE advices on Mega Roulette

  • At you first game sessions, it is always recommended to place low bets, in order to have a clear idea of the game mechanisms.

  • Mega Roulette can be an alternative to free online games , as the session is always dynamic.

  • Avoid placing a bet on all numbers, as it will lead to a loss in the long run.

  • Being a Live game, it is essential to behave properly as there is a strong interaction with the other game participants.

Mega Roulette technical data

  • RTP (Return to Player): 97.30%

  • Game Type: Live Game

  • Stakes in range: $0.10 - $5000 (varies by operator)

  • Bet collection time: 20 seconds

  • Maximum multiplier equals to 500 times the initial bet

  • Mega Roulette Multiplier special feature


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