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Monopoly live casino free monopoly live game guide

MONOPOLY LIVE CASINO - Free Monopoly Live Game Guide

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One of the most famous Evolution Gaming live shows is the Online Casino Monopoly Live Edition bringing the popular table game elements to live casinos. Mr Monopoly will not fail in being a protagonist, with various bonus games requiring his action during the game.

In this guide you will find more information about the mythical board game that has been fancifully implemented among casino games. In the meantime we list best licensed Canada online casinos where you can find the Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live:

Similar to the Dream Catcher, from which were born other various games such as Crazy Time, every session is based upon the Wheel of Fortune and a live dealer that spins the wheel. There are 54 segments where you can place your bets to receive a cash prize or collecting prizes multipliers.

At first all bets are collected from players, then the croupier turns the wheel. When the wheel stops, all winnings are distributed.

  • Numbers 1, 2, 5, 10 pay out the bet amount multiplied by the respective indicated value.
  • Sections 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS give access to the Bonus Game where Mr Monopoly will progress on the augmented reality Monopoly board to accumulate points.
  • The CHANCE segments take inspiration by the original board game chance card allowing to win either a real money amount or a prize multiplier.

Best Monopoly Live Casino Strategies

Like all Live Casino games, there is a sure house advantage in the long run. Considered this, it is possible to get big win Monopoly Live in the luckiest cases.

Here is listed the case probability for each bet:

  • 1 - 22/54: 40.7% of Spins with average RTP 92.88%.

  • 2 - 15/54: 27.7% of Spins with average RTP 96.23%.

  • 5 - 7/54: 12.9% of Spins with average RTP 91.30%.

  • 10 - 4/54: 7.4% of Spins with average RTP 96.02%.

  • 2 Rolls - 3/54: 5.5% of Spins with average RTP 93.90%.

  • CHANCE - 2/54: 3.7% of Spins.

  • 4 Rolls - 1/54: 1.8% of Spins with average RTP 93.67%.

Competitors approach the live Monopoly casino online game wheel in different ways. What I would like to stress is the importance of having a bet on the "2 and 4 Rolls" dice rolls at every spin.

You can also decide to bet on all possible results at each round, but it is clear that this will end your budget very quickly.
However, try to keep a reasonable bet, remember that this is always gambling so play responsibly without getting dragged into it.

In some circumstances you may be very tempted to increase the bet, always do so in a way that does not compromise the session. Never use Bets that do not allow you to stay in game for other 100 spins.
If you want to increase the Bet because many Spins have passed since the last Bonus activation, know that there is no correlation with the number of Spins made as each Spin is statistically independent from others.

The goal I recommend to aim for, to maximise your Monopoly Live big win, is to limit losses between Bonus games. So you'll need to round up your bets so that you can get some prize waiting to receive 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls or Chance.

Depending on the number of sections you bet on, you can apply strategies with different volatilities.
The number 10 can be a great ally for high volatility lovers, while betting on a few sections, including 1 and 2, will result in a low volatility.

Another consideration is that the 4 Rolls should never have the same bet as other segments, but always something lower. The reason is that it will only be drawn on average 18 times every 1000 spins, while still allowing a great chance of winning on those rare occasions.

Decide Where to Try the Game

If you want to try to entertain yourself at the Live Casino Monopoly you simply have to consider the possibilities of welcome bonuses which in some cases will give you benefits.

It is of course important to look only for certified Monopoly Live Canadian online casinos and with all legal requirements guaranteeing user safety.

The aesthetic sense of the rooms could also play its part, but this will depend on your personal taste. Clearly the mr.play Monopoly Live skin will have different themes and colours from LightCasino.
We have had fun experiences on all platforms and we believe that none will disappoint you.

SPIKE tips on Monopoly Live Online Casino

  • Start by prefering low bets which you can increase as you become more confident in the game.

  • This is a popular alternative for Free Online Slots with a comparable winning chance.

  • It is recommended to maintain appropriate behaviour since we play together with other live users.

Monopoly Casino Live Technical Information

  • RTP (Return To Player): 96.23%.

  • Type of game: Money Wheel

  • Bet in the range: $0.10 to $5000.

  • There are 54 sectors on the wheel

  • Win up to $500000

  • Bonus function Dice Roll

  • Bonus function Chance


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