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Attack on Online Sportsbooks FBI Investigates

Attack on Online Sportsbooks FBI Investigates

Attack Sportbooks FBI

Industry sources reveal that the FBI is investigating about an attack occurred on top online bookmakers. The event reportedly impacted thousands of betting accounts.
In fact, several accounts were reportedly compromised recently due to an attack that was more sophisticated and complex than initially assumed.

Specifically, we are talking about the two major online betting portals DraftKings and FanDuel.
Several customers of the two operators who saw their accounts and funds withdrawn from their personal bank accounts compromised are trying to interface with representatives of DraftKings and FanDuel - as a week after the event - they had still not received any refunds.

DraftKings, recently issued a statement on the matter, "Most customer requests have been successfully resolved. We intend to restore funds from any affected withdrawals and appreciate the patience of our customers as we continue to work on this."

DraftKings and FanDuel's testimony

Around November 19, DraftKings and FanDuel noticed an increase in unauthorized attempts to access accounts. Evidently, hackers using usernames and passwords obtained from the Internet, made deposits using bank accounts linked to those of online sports betting sites.

Then, they withdrew the funds from the gaming accounts in a very short time, diverting them to alternative accounts.
DraftKings said that about $300,000 in unauthorized withdrawals were made from an admittedly small number of accounts compromised by the hackers.

But the operator's customer service department has been overwhelmed by the number of contacts it has received. And the complaints of so many bettors who say they have not been reimbursed for the damage they have suffered and are having difficulty speaking with DraftKings corporate representatives, a week later.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement said it had information about the hacking attack on DraftKings and that aggrieved players should contact the prearranged customer service department by e-mail: sportsbook@draftkings.com or alternatively by calling 1(855)-357-2377 to leave a voice message.

As for FanDuel, the bookmaker is still detecting strange and unusual activity. And so, the operator is setting up a task force in its customer service department to address the issue. However, affected customers have had difficulty interacting with the bookmaker.
This attack is extraordinary in that it is much more articulate than initially believed. The situation calls for reflection on the entire system, as given the success of online sports betting activities, there is a need to opt for stronger approaches to any suspicious behavior. This may mean the blocking of betting accounts, yet generating greater customer frustration.

The New York State Gaming Commission's (NYSGC) position

State betting regulators such as the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC), are also monitoring the situation and recently issued some statements reported from ESPN:

"The New York State Gaming Commission is aware of the compromise and has been in regular communication with all sports betting operators specifically on the issue. The Commission, in its role as regulator, will also review the overall scope of the compromise n to the impact on patrons' accounts. The Commission recommends that all users recheck their accounts."

Bottom Line

We look forward to see what happens and we hope the affected bettors will be able to get back what was taken from them.
This situation shows even more how essential it is to protect against online attacks and puts the issue of security in the spotlight.
Therefore, we urge readers to visit only legal online bookmakers and to avoid offshore and illegal gambling sites that fall outside the jurisdiction and expose them more to scams and fraud.


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