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Who is SPIKE? Find More About Me

Who is SPIKE? Find More About Me

Who is SPIKE Article

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I am SPIKE!

I am a 32 years old Italian man who turned his habit into a major source of income.

I've been playing slot machines in Italy since 2006 when they first appeared as cabinet slots slowly replacing historical videopokers.

Eventually I created SPIKE's YouTube channel in 2009, which happened by incidentally when I published the outcome of one of my sessions at cabinet slots.

I started getting video followers and continued releasing other materials.
Although it was only in 2014 that I began devoting myself seriously to be a YouTube creator.

Afterwards, thanks also to my passion for IT and Digital media, SPIKE Slot transformed into something more solid enabling me to earn a living.

The main SPIKE channel, with about 50,000 Subscribers and 30 million views, was closed in 2019 due to unclear reasons from YouTube.
Now there are 4 Official Channels with more than 50k Subscribers where I show content about Cabinet Slots, Online Slots, Best Of's and a new International Gambling Channel.

I rely on my new website www.spikeslot.com to clarify various game aspects, provide advice on victory opportunities and propose game strategies. The website also contains all my videos.
My goal is to become an authentic information platform regarding the slot machine world. A dialogue tool where anyone can read and share experiences about gambling, avoiding false myths and fantasies about easy prize win in line with the philosophy of "responsible gaming".

How to win at slot machines?

Modern Online Slots are based on a random functionality factor which determines game results without any error.

They are designed to make you lose money. But what we can work on is knowledge and I freely share with you my complete experience.

With this in mind, we may find out different strategies about how to handle our gaming sessions. For the rest, many things will depend on your mental attitude and self-control.

Knowledge is required to come first, and as a result you may find that in some games you are not maximing your winning chances, or sometimes you're only wasting money.

I also do my best to keep my website content as updated as possible, so strategies are always revised with latest improvements.
I encourage you to share your experience as well, so that together we can reach quicker the safest strategy on various games.

Please visit my free Online Slot database where you will find the greatest collection of free Online Slots. You can play at demo versions with no registration and third-party software download.
Moreover, you will also find most competitive Online Casinos offers dedicated exclusively to my website users.

For the moment I think this is enough, I hope you enjoy the visit at my website and remember to always gamble responsibly!


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