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Journey to Paris


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Journey to Paris


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Journey to Paris

Journey to Paris is a Play'n GO slot game set on the magnificent city of Paris that will be published on June 27, 2024.

Magicians and mimes give you the chance to win up to 18,566 times your bet. This game has a grid of 5 reels and 5 rows and uses win mechanics that only work horizontally or vertically: wins are won when three or more identical symbols appear in a line anyplace on the reel. Bets vary from CAD 0.20 to CAD 100. Journey to Paris has a maximum RTP of 96.37%, although operators can opt for lower values, as we will see later, and medium volatility.

The SPIKESlot website allows you to play the Journey to Paris slot for free in demo mode without having to download or register any additional software.

The game is prohibited for minors under 18 years old.
Play responsibly.

RTP and Volatility of the Journey to Paris

Journey to Paris has medium volatility, providing a balance of win frequency and magnitude, making it suited for a variety of players. This implies that, while wins may be less frequent than in low volatility games, payouts are often higher, achieving a balance that appeals to both casual and high rollers.
Understanding volatility Volatility in slot games refers to the level of risk associated with playing a specific game. Journey to Paris has medium volatility, which ensures that players get a fair mix of little and large wins. This makes it a versatile option for individuals who appreciate the thrill of big prizes but also wish to play consistently without long periods of no winnings.
RTP (Return To Player) The RTP (Return to Player) is an important aspect in determining how much of the total wager amount a player may expect to win back over time. The RTP for Journey to Paris varies by operator and jurisdiction, with numerous choices available:
96.73% 96.69% 94.74% 91.75% 87.69% 84.69%
Implications of RTP Variations
Higher RTP Versions : Versions with RTPs of 96.73% and 96.69% are deemed above-average. These versions ensure a possibly larger long-term return for players. For example, an RTP of 96.73% suggests that for every CAD 100 gambled, players may anticipate to get CAD 96.73 over an extended period of play. These higher RTP variants are more advantageous to players, as they provide increased chances of recouping their bets.
Lower RTP versions : Lower RTP versions, such as 94.74%, 91.75%, 87.69%, and 84.69%, are less favourable for players. Operators may choose these versions to comply with local legislation or their business strategies. While lower RTPs increase the house edge, they nevertheless offer a fair and controlled gaming experience. However, players should be aware that their odds of winning back their bets are smaller than in higher RTP variants.
Choosing the Right Version
Operators are free to choose the RTP version that best suits their regulatory context and commercial requirements. Players should always check the RTP of the game they are playing, as it can have a big impact on their gaming experience and potential returns. Playing on platforms with higher RTP versions can increase your chances of winning and enjoyment of the game.
In summary, Journey to Paris provides a well-rounded gaming experience with medium volatility and several RTP choices to accommodate a wide range of player preferences and regulatory requirements. Whether you want consistent gameplay or greater rewards, understanding volatility and RTP will help you make better decisions and get the most out of your gaming experience.

RTP (Return to Player)

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Journey to Paris

Slot Design and Mobile Compatibility.

journey-to-paris-slot-hand-symbol Journey to Paris features a vivid and visually attractive look that encapsulates the charm of a beautiful summer day in Paris. The game grid is set against the backdrop of a delightful Parisian café, creating a vibrant and vivid environment. This design decision not only contributes to the visual attractiveness, but it also improves the thematic experience for players.
Symbol Design and Payout The game contains a number of symbols that mirror the Parisian theme, each with different reward values:
Lower Value Symbols:

  • The accordion: is a traditional icon of French music.
  • Mime's White Hands: Symbolizing Paris' famous street entertainers.
  • Red Balloon: A whimsical element that is frequently observed in cityscapes.
  • Black Hat and Bird with Black Hat: Symbolizing normal street attire and the common sight of birds.
  • Getting five of these lower value symbols pays 2.5x to 10x your bet. Furthermore, combos such as the black hat with the bird or the red balloon with the mime's hands can pay up to 2.5 times the bet, adding to the thrill with mixed symbol payouts.

**Higher Value Symbols**:
- Mime: A famous figure in Parisian street performance. - Magician: Adding a touch of enchantment to Paris's streets. - Landing 5 of these higher value symbols pays between 15x and 25x your wager, providing more significant awards and reflecting the game's thematic richness.
**Special Symbols and Features** The Wild symbol, a gold coin on a purple backdrop, can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. This symbol is extremely valuable, paying up to x1000, making it an essential component for large victories.
In contrast to other slots, Journey to Paris does not have a typical Scatter symbol. Instead, the bonus game is activated by showing the word "Bonus" on one or more reels. During the bonus game, a special symbol containing the word "Bonus" appears. Collecting five or more of these symbols results in additional free spins, increasing the possibility of longer play and larger winnings.
Journey to Paris is optimized for play on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The game's interface is intended to be user-friendly, with all control buttons easily located at the bottom of the screen. This guarantees that the game is accessible and fun whether played on a small screen or a huge monitor.
Journey to Paris' mobile adaptability allows you to play the game on the go without sacrificing graphic or functional quality. The game's responsive design adjusts to different screen sizes, delivering a smooth gaming experience whether you play on iOS or Android devices.
Journey to Paris provides an immersive and gratifying gaming experience for all players by providing high-quality graphics, intriguing symbols, and big jackpots, all while maintaining excellent mobile compatibility.

Slot Machine Features and Bonuses

journey-to-paris-slot-jolly-symbol When a win is obtained, the cascade function is engaged, which removes the winning symbols from the reels while the remaining symbols tumble down. This enables the formation of new winning combinations and will continue indefinitely.
Before removing the winning combination from the game grid, a Wild symbol is added in the centre, boosting the win multiplier by one for each cascade. The win multiplier is applied to all wins and resets to 1x after the cascade process is completed. The goal is to empty the entire game grid of symbols, which results in an instant prize of x1000 times the bet.
Free Spins This bonus is activated by displaying one or more reels with the word "Bonus" during the cascade feature, which awards 10 free spins for each "Bonus". During the feature, regular Scatter symbols with the word "Bonus" can occur, and five or more of these symbols can result in up to 20 additional free spins.
The free spins feature has its own paytable, and a win is gained by hitting five or more of the same symbol. Lower value symbols include the baguette, red wine, croissant, cheese, and chef's hat, which pays up to 75 times the bet for a combination of ten symbols. The mannequin, painting, rooster, golden sign, and France are all high-value emblems. Getting 10 of the same sort of symbol rewards 90 to 175 times.
Throughout the feature, the win multiplier operates in the same manner as in the base game, multiplying each win throughout the free spins.
Benefits of the Free Journey to Paris Slot According to SPIKE After experimenting with different versions of Journey to Paris, we've compiled a list of comments below.
High Maximum Win: Journey to Paris provides the possibility to win up to 18,566 times your stake, making it very appealing to those looking for high payouts. Cascade Feature: This feature removes the winning symbols from the reels, allowing the remaining symbols to drop and form new winning combinations. Each cascade increases the winning multiplier. Free Spins: The free spins feature is activated by showing the word "Bonus" on one or more reels, which awards up to 20 additional free spins and instant winnings. Engaging Bonus Game: The bonus game has its own paytable and provides additional earning opportunities through Scatter symbols that award free spins.

Disadvantages of Free Journey to Paris Slot According to SPIKE

Variable RTP: The RTP varies greatly between operators and jurisdictions, with values ranging from 96.73% to 84.69%, potentially impacting the chances of winning. The Free Journey to Paris slot has a medium volatility and an RTP of 96.73%, 96.69%, 94.74%, 91.75%, 87.69%, and 84.69%.
The game has a maximum win of x18,566 times the bet, horizontal or vertical pay mechanics, a variable bet range of CAD 0.20 to CAD 100, lower-paying symbols (accordion, mime's white hands, red balloon, black hat, and bird with the black hat), higher-paying symbols (accordion player, mime, and magician), a special wild symbol, a special bonus symbol, a special cascade feature, and a special free spins feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Journey to Paris slot machine

Since when is the Journey to Paris slot available? Journey to Paris is available since June 27, 2024.
What is the maximum winning amount in Journey to Paris? Journey to Paris has a maximum win of 18,566 times the original bet.
How does the Cascade function work? When a player wins, the Cascade feature is triggered. The winning symbols are removed from the reels, and the remaining symbols slide down to form new winning combinations. This feature will continue as long as fresh wins occur.
What are the advantages of the bonus game? The bonus game has its own paytable and additional earning potential via Scatter symbols, which provide additional free spins. It can be activated by showing the word "Bonus" on one or more reels during the Cascade feature.
What is the RTP of Journey to Paris? Journey to Paris has a varied RTP depending on the operator and jurisdiction, with numerous possibilities available: 96.73%, 96.69%, 94.74%, 91.75%, 87.69%, and 84.69%.

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