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Pirots 3


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Pirots 3 is part of the exciting series of innovative slots developed by ELK Studios.

Set to release on June 25, 2024, this game takes players on a thrilling adventure through a modernized Wild West, featuring feathered bandits and explosive symbols. Compared to its predecessors, Pirots 3 introduces new features that promise dynamic and engaging gameplay.

Technically, Pirots 3 is built on a 6-reel, 7-row grid that expands during play to offer more winning opportunities. Unlike traditional slots, Pirots 3 uses a unique system where colorful birds collect corresponding gems on the grid instead of predefined paylines. This innovative mechanic creates a unique gameplay experience where every spin can result in unpredictable combinations and significant rewards.

Players can place bets ranging from CAD 0.20 to CAD 100 per spin, with a hit frequency of 25.2%. Pirots 3 also offers a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet, making it attractive to jackpot seekers.

You can play Pirots 3 for free in demo mode on the SPIKESlot website without needing to download or register additional software. However, if you want to play for real money on certified online casinos, consider these sites:

RTP and Volatility

Pirots 3 has an RTP (Return to Player) of 94%, which is standard for ELK Studios titles. While slightly below the online slot average, it comes with medium-high volatility, offering less frequent but potentially higher wins.


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## Mobile Compatibility Like all modern ELK Studios slots, Pirots 3 is fully optimized for mobile devices and is available on Android, iOS, and Windows, making it easy for players to enjoy the game on the go in demo mode.

Theme and Design

Pirots 3 features a colorful and lively Wild West theme with a twist: instead of cowboys and sheriffs, it has feathered bandits moving across a transparent grid with a theme park-like background. The graphics are detailed and fun, with roller coasters and shops that look more like tourist attractions than traditional saloons, creating a unique and playful atmosphere that appeals to all.

Symbols in Pirots 3


The game features colored gems - blue, green, purple, and red - as the main symbols. Four birds of corresponding colors move on the grid, collecting gems to increase their value and trigger special features. The birds move horizontally or vertically towards adjacent symbols and continue collecting until they can’t anymore, sometimes moving multiple times before new symbols fill the grid.

This mechanic replaces traditional paylines, creating a unique system where strategy is based on bird positioning and movement. Collecting gems can activate special features, making each turn potentially very rewarding.

Special symbols in Pirots 3 include dynamite, which explodes to clear space on the grid, and peanuts, which allow the birds to cross empty spaces.

Special Features and Bonuses

Pirots 3 by ELK Studios offers a variety of special features that add depth and excitement to the gameplay, increasing the chances of big wins.

Locked Bandit

A bandit appears locked at the start of the game. When freed, it moves on the grid, collecting any color of gems and special symbols, and can even duel with the birds for advantages.

The bandit adds an element of surprise and a new layer of strategy to gem collection. Its ability to collect any gem and challenge the birds introduces extra complexity and winning opportunities.

Collection Meter


Above the game grid is a meter that tracks the gems and symbols collected by the birds. When the meter is full, a special symbol is released, triggering additional bonus features. Up to three releases can be accumulated and activated at once. The meter rewards continuous symbol collection, encouraging players to keep playing to fill it and unlock powerful bonuses, adding a sense of progression and potential for significant wins.

Pirots 3 also includes a range of special symbols that activate different features when collected:

  • Boost Symbol: Increases the payout level of gems of the same color as the bird that collects it by 1-3 levels, up to a maximum of level 7;
  • Global Boost Symbol: Increases all gems by 1-3 levels;
  • Key: Frees the bandit. Once free, the bandit can collect symbols like the birds and duel with them;
  • Transformation Symbol: Transforms a cluster of gems near the bird to the bird's color;
  • Peanut Symbol: Allows birds to cross empty spaces once to collect more gems;
  • Dynamite Symbol: Explodes, removing birds and gems from the grid, expanding the grid, and causing a re-drop;
  • Wild: Replaces any gem at the current level;
  • Money Symbol: Pays its value multiplied by the bet

These special symbols provide various ways to increase winnings and change the game dynamics. Collecting them can significantly boost payouts and activate features that further enhance winning opportunities.

Coin Game

This feature activates when the grid is clear of birds or the bandit. Coin bags and scorpions appear on the grid, and the birds or the bandit try to collect the coin bags while avoiding the scorpions. The game ends when no more birds are on the field.

The coin game offers an exciting chance to win extra prizes. Avoiding the scorpions adds an extra challenge, making the mini-game engaging and potentially very rewarding.


When two adjacent birds can't collect more symbols, they can perform a "Switcharoo", swapping positions. Alternatively, they can trigger the Showdown feature, where they move away from each other, clearing symbols and shooting in different directions, affecting various symbols on the grid.

The Showdown can clear the grid and collect important symbols, creating a cascade of events leading to big wins. This feature adds unpredictability to the game, increasing suspense and winning opportunities.

Train Heist

Some grid positions are marked with a train symbol. If a bird collects a symbol on a train background and can reach a corresponding symbol on the other side of the grid, the Train Heist is activated.

The bird boards the train, which travels around the grid, releasing 1-3 special symbols, allowing for the collection of special symbols and activation of other bonuses.

Bonus Game


The Bonus Game activates when 3 bonus Scatter symbols are collected in a game round. The bonus game offers 5 free drops, and collecting a bonus Scatter symbol in bonus mode adds a free spin.

The Super Bonus Game starts with an expanded 8x7 grid and maintains progress on the collection meter and gem payout levels. This is one of the most lucrative features of Pirots 3, offering free spins while keeping progress, which can lead to potentially huge wins.

X-iter Mode The X-iter mode, where available, gives players options to activate special features immediately at an additional cost:

Bonus Hunt: 3x the bet for a drop with quadrupled chances of activating the bonus; Bandit Jailbreak: 25x the bet for a drop that activates the bandit's escape; Coin Game: 50x the bet to activate the coin game; Bonus Game: 100x the bet to activate the bonus game; Super Bonus Game: 500x the bet to activate the super bonus game.

Pirots 3 Slot Machine Technical Specifications RTP: 94.00%; Volatility: Medium-high; Maximum Win: x10000 times the bet; Hit Frequency: 25.2%; Bet Range: CAD 0.20 to CAD 100; Low-paying symbols: blue, green, red, and purple gems; High-paying symbols: boosted gems, Coin; Special Symbols: Wild, Scatter, Dynamite, TNT, Peanut, Flask, Horseshoe, Key, Money Bag, Max Win; Final Verdict on Pirots 3 Pirots 3 is an innovative and entertaining slot that takes players to a lively, colorful Wild West full of surprises. With its unique symbol collection system, numerous bonuses, and the chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet, Pirots 3 offers a captivating and exciting gaming experience.

This slot is perfect for those looking for fresh game mechanics and high win potential. If you love adventure and surprises in every spin, Pirots 3 is a slot worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pirots 3 What is the theme of Pirots 3?

Pirots 3 combines a classic Wild West setting with fun and unique elements like feathered bandits and theme park-like scenarios.

How do wins work in Pirots 3?

Wins are determined by the collection of gems by colorful birds moving on the grid. There are no traditional paylines; wins form when birds collect gems of the same color.

What is the bet range and maximum win potential?

Players can bet from CAD 0.20 to CAD 100 per spin, with the potential to win up to 10,000 times their bet.

What are the RTP and volatility of Pirots 3?

The RTP is 94%, and the slot has high volatility, meaning wins might be less frequent but larger.

What bonus features are available in Pirots 3?

Bonus features include symbol collection, the bandit game, the coin game, and dynamite to expand the grid.

Is Pirots 3 available on mobile devices?

Yes, the slot is fully optimized for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, so you can play it wherever you are.

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