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Golden wheels of egypt

Golden Wheels of Egypt - Play the Free demo



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Golden Wheels of Egypt


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100 Spins + up to C$200

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Golden Wheels of Egypt is a video slot by NetEnt that transports players to the scorching desert of North Africa, where the sun blazes intensely. Released on April 16, 2024, Golden Wheels of Egypt features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines.

  • The minimum bet is CAD 0.20, and the maximum bet is CAD 100.
  • The game's maximum RTP is 96.05%, but there are also versions with lower RTPs.
  • The volatility is medium-high, and the maximum win is capped at 5,000 times the bet. Exploring the land of the pyramids can be full of surprises.

You can play Golden Wheels of Egypt for free in demo mode on SPIKESlot without needing to download or register additional software.

RTP and Volatility

RTP (Return to Player) and volatility are crucial aspects of Golden Wheels of Egypt. The game's volatility is classified as medium-high, meaning that wins can be larger but less frequent.

Regarding RTP, the game is released with different configurations depending on the operators and jurisdictions.

The most advantageous version has an RTP of 96.05%, while other versions offer RTPs of 94.03% and 88.05%.

RTP (Return to Player)

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Additionally, the game provides features that can alter the RTP. Activating the Buy Feature changes the RTP to 96.03%, while the Buy Feature with 6 Stacked Sticky Wilds increases the RTP to 96.08%.

Theme and Mobile Compatibility

Golden Wheels of Egypt transports players to the mystical land of ancient Egypt. Imagine flying over an Egyptian city where the mighty Nile River winds through the vibrant urban landscape. Lush palm trees sway gently along its banks, casting shadows over charming houses nestled beside them. In the distance, majestic pyramids stand proudly, whispering tales of pharaohs and unimaginable riches. As you spin the reels framed in golden edges, you'll encounter a fascinating array of symbols that reflect Egypt's rich cultural heritage.

To win, the player must land 3 or more matching symbols on one of the paylines, starting from the leftmost reel.

The game is available on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers in demo mode.

Game Symbols

In Golden Wheels of Egypt, the game symbols are rich with cultural significance and thematic relevance, enhancing the immersive experience of the slot. Here's a detailed look at each type of symbol and their meanings:

Low-Paying Symbols The low-paying symbols in Golden Wheels of Egypt are the traditional royal symbols: J, Q, K, and A. These symbols are common in many slot games and represent the lower end of the paytable. Their inclusion provides a familiar touch for players who regularly engage with slot games, making the gameplay intuitive.

High-Paying Symbols Moving up the paytable, we find five high-paying symbols with a distinctly Egyptian appearance, each with its own cultural and historical significance:

Scarab: In ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle symbolized regeneration and renewal. Scarabs were commonly used in amulets and jewelry, believed to bring protection and good fortune. In the game, this symbol is one of the more valuable, reflecting its historical importance.

Ankh Cross: The Ankh, or the "key of life," represents eternal life and immortality. It is often depicted being held by gods and pharaohs, symbolizing their divine power and eternal rule. In the slot, the Ankh cross is a high-paying symbol, rewarding players with significant payouts.

Eye of Ra: The Eye of Ra is a powerful symbol of protection, royal authority, and good health. It is associated with the sun god Ra and was used in ancient Egypt as a symbol to ward off evil. This symbol’s high value in the game pays homage to its protective and powerful nature.

Another Eye Symbol: While similar to the Eye of Ra, this symbol could represent the Eye of Horus, another significant protective symbol in Egyptian mythology. The Eye of Horus symbolizes healing, restoration, and protection, adding to the game's rich tapestry of mythological references.

Shen Symbol: The Shen ring represents eternity or infinity. It is usually depicted as a circle with a horizontal line at the bottom, resembling a stylized loop of rope. The Shen symbol was believed to offer protection and symbolize the eternal nature of the soul. It is one of the highest-paying symbols in the game, underscoring its significance.

Wild Symbols Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol in Golden Wheels of Egypt resembles an eye, possibly drawing inspiration from either the Eye of Ra or the Eye of Horus. The Wild symbol substitutes for all regular symbols to form winning combinations on paylines, significantly enhancing the chances of winning. However, it does not replace the Golden Wheel Scatter symbol. In bonus games, Wild symbols can appear as:

  • Sticky Wild: These Wilds remain in place for a set number of spins, increasing the potential for consecutive wins.
  • Walking Wild: These Wilds move across the reels with each spin, creating dynamic opportunities for winning combinations.
  • Stacked Sticky Wild: These Wilds appear stacked on the reels, covering multiple positions and offering higher chances for larger wins.

Scatter Symbols Golden Wheel Scatter: The Scatter symbol is key to unlocking the game's bonus features, such as Mini Free Spins and Free Spins. When a certain number of Scatter symbols land on the reels, they trigger these special features, enhancing the gameplay and providing opportunities for significant rewards.

Educational Insights Understanding the cultural significance of the symbols in Golden Wheels of Egypt adds an educational layer to the gameplay. Here’s a deeper dive into their meanings:

Scarab Beetle: This symbol's presence in the game echoes its role in ancient Egypt, where it was seen as a representation of the god Khepri, associated with the morning sun and creation. Scarabs were often placed in tombs to protect the deceased in the afterlife.

Ankh Cross: The Ankh is one of the most recognizable symbols of ancient Egypt. Its cross-like shape with a loop at the top is said to represent the combination of male and female symbols, symbolizing life and immortality.

Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus: These symbols were used in various amulets and protective devices. The Eye of Ra is associated with the sun and its protective qualities, while the Eye of Horus is linked to healing and restoration. Both eyes were believed to ward off evil and provide protection.

Shen Ring: The Shen ring’s depiction as an unbroken circle emphasizes the concept of eternity and the cyclical nature of life. It was often used in royal iconography to signify the eternal nature of the king's rule.

By incorporating these symbols, Golden Wheels of Egypt not only provides entertainment but also offers players a glimpse into the rich and intricate mythology of ancient Egypt. This enhances the gaming experience, making it both enjoyable and educational.

Slot Machine Features and Bonuses

Mini Free Spins When 2 Golden Wheel Scatter symbols land anywhere on the grid, 4 Mini Free Spins are awarded. The bonus is played on a 3x3 reel set. Before the feature begins, two special reels appear, assigning two random features from Sticky Wild, Walking Wild, Symbol Transform, Super Stack, and Global Multiplier.

The Sticky Wild appears in the central position and remains there until the end of the Free Spins.

The Walking Wild appears in a random position and moves to an adjacent position on each subsequent spin until the end of the Free Spins. They cannot appear where there is already a Sticky Wild or another Walking Wild.

Symbol Transform will turn a random high-paying symbol into a Wild.

Super Stack will make a random high-paying symbol appear stacked. If Symbol Transform and Super Stack work together, you will have a stacked Wild symbol on the reels. Finally, Global Multiplier will multiply every Free Spin win by 2.

Free Spins

  • Landing 3 Golden Wheel Scatter symbols activates 10 Free Spins. Before the game begins, 3 special reels are selected with any of the same five features as the Mini Free Spins.
  • Two of the features can be the same except for Super Stack.
  • The Free Spins end when the player runs out of spins.

Buy Feature

  • It is possible to buy 10 Free Spins with 3 random features for 100 times the bet. The RTP becomes 96.03%.
  • It is also possible to pay 150 times for 6 Free Spins with 2 special features and 6 Stacked Sticky Wilds. The RTP becomes 96.08%.

Advantages of the Free Golden Wheels of Egypt Slot According to SPIKE

  • Engaging Bonus Features
    Mini Free Spins and Free Spins offer players the chance to trigger various special features, such as Sticky Wild, Walking Wild, Symbol Transform, and Global Multiplier. These bonus features add an element of unpredictability and increase the potential for big wins.
  • Optional Buy Feature
    The Buy Feature allows players to directly purchase Free Spins, bypassing the wait to activate the feature. This option gives players more control over their gaming experience and the ability to quickly access the bonus rounds.

Disadvantages of the Free Golden Wheels of Egypt Slot According to SPIKE

  • RTP Variations
    While the main version of Golden Wheels of Egypt has an RTP of 96.05%, there are also versions with lower RTPs, such as 94.03% and 88.05%. These variations in RTP can affect the long-term profitability of the game for players.

Technical Sheet of the Free Golden Wheels of Egypt Slot

  • RTP: 96.05% - 94.03% - 88.05%
  • Volatility: Medium-high
  • Maximum win: x5000 times the bet
  • Paylines: 20 lines from left
  • Bet range: CAD 0.20 to CAD 100
  • Low-paying symbols: J, Q, K, and A
  • High-paying symbols: scarab, Ankh cross, eye of Ra, another eye symbol, and Shen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theme of Golden Wheels of Egypt?

Golden Wheels of Egypt transports players to the enchanting world of Ancient Egypt, with desert landscapes, majestic pyramids, and the Nile River.

What are the main features of the game?

Golden Wheels of Egypt features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. The minimum bet is CAD 0.20, and the maximum is CAD 100.

What are the RTP and volatility of this game?

The maximum RTP is 96.05%, but there are versions with lower RTPs. The volatility is classified as medium-high.

What bonus features are available?

The game offers Mini Free Spins and Free Spins with special features like Sticky Wild, Walking Wild, Symbol Transform, and Global Multiplier.

Can Free Spins be purchased?

Yes, the Buy Feature allows you to purchase 10 Free Spins with 3 random features or 6 Free Spins with 2 special features and 6 Stacked Sticky Wilds.

Technical Data of Golden Wheels of Egypt

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