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Free Online Slot: Sahara

Sahara was born as a bar slot in the Italian house ** Octavian **. It is part of the same family as the slot ** King Midas **, ** Treasure Hunter **, ** Dream Set ** etc. They are very nice slots graphically and in sound level, they have very fun Bonus games.

In the online version we find 20 fixed lines on the 5x3 screen. The special symbol * Mirage * changes into a symbol of the random paytable. Obviously there is no lack of the ** Wild ** and ** Scatter ** symbols that help the player to receive prizes, but also a Bonus symbol linked to the particular ** Gems Puzzle ** mode, Collecting 3 * Bonus * symbols activates the ** Gems Puzzle Bonus ** which offers 3 shots capable of winning a super Bonus. Accumulate points with the gems stacked horizontally or vertically and wait for the new avalanche of symbols hoping for a big win.

Instead, by stacking 3 * Wild * symbols you can play * Free Spins * that feature blocked Wilds. The maximum number of free spins obtainable is 7, but during the round ** additional Free Games can be won for every Bonus symbol that lands on the screen ** Other than these features, there are no particular Progressive Jackpots that can be redeemed in the game.

You can play the ** Sahara ** slot in its free version on our SPIKE Slot site. Take advantage of this opportunity to play without registration. You can also try playing Sahara-like slots for real money at the following legal Online Casinos along with great Welcome Bonuses.

SPIKE tips on Sahara online slots -

A good Bet / Budget ratio to start playing varies between 1/100 and 2/100

  • The game is rated in the first ** 60-70 spins **. If there are no good points, you may consider ** leaving the real money session ** earlier than expected - If you see good winnings with ** Mirage ** or ** Free Spins ** activations instead, I suggest you continue to play always paying attention to the consumption of the budget, checking ** every 20-30 spins ** that it is kept at a good level

Sahara Online Slot Technical Data

  • RTP (Payout Percentage): 96.00% - Volatility: ** High **
  • Points are calculated ** from left to right ** after each single spin
  • Paylines are 20 - Stake from ** € 0.20 ** to ** € 50 ** - Special Mirage symbol
  • Special feature ** Free Spins with Sticky Wild **
  • Special feature ** Gems Puzzle Bonus **

A look at the version from bar of the Sahara Slot

The bar slot, which takes us back to the Sahara desert, pays winning combinations of 3 or more symbols only from left to right. The Desert Princess is the ** Jolly ** symbol. It has numerous bonus games: ** Free Spins are activated when 3 princesses ** appear on the same reel; at this point the wheel of fortune will spin to assign a random number of ** Free Spins **. With the appearance of 3 ** Scatter ** "Castles" Symbols instead you will get the ** Gems Puzzle Bonus **, which chonsists in finding a number of identical gems as high as possible. After a certain number of gems, you move on to the next level, where you can choose the prize contained in one of the 3 chests. In addition, the Mirage Symbol that will appear randomly on the reels every now and then will transform all matching symbols into a random one.

How does this slot machine pay?

This slot ** behaves differently depending on the bet it is played with **. Let's analyze 2 cases.

High bets (100 - 200)

Never stick this slot up to the 100 euro drain. ** Playing this way could take a lot of money if the machine isn't about to pay out **. It is also capable of making several absorptions from € 3-400 to download only 100. Many times, once the maximum payout is reached, the Sahara slot will finish its payout phase. This means that once € 100 has been paid out, the Sahara slot will hardly pay large amounts or another max win. On the contrary, when it is being absorbed, it can eat even figures exceeding 7-800 euros without ever downloading 100. Usually after an absorption of 900-1000 without downloading anything, ** almost always a 300 euro minibonus ** starts. However, after a download of 100 euros, it is convenient to try again up to 30 euros, often around the 30 entered, the slot has winning combinations and can bring back a credit of around 30-50 euros, which however will most likely reset you, so it would be better to cash them if we notice that after a stall the slot tends to eat them. So if you happen to mail someone who is putting in a lot of money, and you see that the slot does not pay anything, it might be convenient to insist on taking it to the 2-3 download minibonus. This is only if you saw that the Sahara slot grossed at least 800 euros without downloading anything. And it is not uncommon, indeed it happens quite often. If the Sahara slot is batting, unlike other slots it is not a good thing, but it can mean that the slot is in the accumulation phase. In fact, you will notice that it is easier to win something when it is not on the serve.

At Low Bet (25 - 50)

At Low Bet this slot radically changes the way you spin, and that's how I recommend you approach it, except in the previous case of absorption. Maximum investment 20 euros, we start playing Bet 25, and you have to pay attention to the starts that the slot will do. I'll explain. During the game at Bet 25, this slot like other Octavians like the Troy, tend to "give play" from time to time. ** These slots have phases where they will not give you any winnings, and other phases where they will also take you to 30-40 euros playing bet 25 **. The advice to play is this: ** you have to bring the slot to make small discharges with which we can make useful **. For example, for 10 euros inserted the slot will give you nothing but low winnings, which will bring you a maximum of 3 euros. After entering 10 instead, the Sahara slot starts giving Bonus Game or whole rows. Once the slot exceeds 10 euros in credit, we can say that it has started. From here we will always have to continue to Bet 25, unless higher figures such as 30-40 euros have already been reached, in which we can switch to Bet 50. If the slot wants to continue to rise, you will easily notice it because it will continue to offer you Bonus Games or good points such as whole rows, taking you to a certain threshold. ** If the slot is "reactive" you can continue playing until the time runs out **, otherwise, if you notice that the free fall has begun, for example from 18 euros you find yourself at 10 with a few paid spins, you have to collect the win, and try something again.

At the end of the fair, if the Sahara slot machine is in a positive phase, you will be able to make a profit by playing this way. Sometimes at Bet 25 can also start screens almost complete with maximum symbols, which will also give you 50-60 euros together. In other cases by increasing the slot to bet 50, you will also be able to take 100 euros, but these are quite rare cases.

** If, on the other hand, after having discharged, you notice that the slot has lost its "verve" and does not offer you any more starts, it is appropriate to abandon it **, even if with the initial investment of 20 you do not notice any sign of movement from part of the Sahara slot. In fact, if the slot is in a negative phase, it could eat you hundreds of euros even playing with this system.

How does the Sahara bonus start?

The Sahara slot hardly pays large bonuses. The maximum of the discharges that come to do are 400 euros, rarely higher figures are reached. There is no fixed combination, but ** often the winnings are paid by repeated points and Bonus Games paid more than usual **, often leading to the last stage in the game of gems. As a bonus, the Sahara slot could eat up to 20-30 euros between one drain and the next. This is why many players often leave the slot believing that they have finished paying. After a single discharge, on the other hand, if the slot has a surplus to return it does so with a few euros. ## Why is the Sahara slot so popular? This bar slot machine is devious. He manages to dupe the players in a few moves. ** There are signs that might look good but don't really mean anything. ** You may have noticed that these slots often have full rows of wilds on the last reels, and therefore pay no winnings, or very often they present you with a wild card combination. - Jolly - Q - Jolly - Jolly, which is a whole row of Jokers with a stupid symbol in the center. The player immediately notices the jokers, or the unpaid Sultans, and under the illusion that the slot can be paid soon tends to continue the game, ending up in the end crashing obviously.

Another signal that the Octavian slots use to "catch" the players, are the continuous Bonus Game that the slot will offer. When the 2 bonus symbols are already placed, the drum roll will begin to wait for the third one, and this feature gets players excited. Another thing to remember about the Bonus Game, is that ** the slot will never give them to you in the first spin of the reels of the game, but will only give them in the "Points Mode" that is when the screen changes color and you start replaying the credit won **. If he offers you the 2 symbols on the starting rolls, make no mistake, he will never complete them.

Sahara Tip Summary

  • The Sahara Slot, as mentioned above will appeal to any player who plays just for the purpose of entertaining without pretending to bust. The chances of high winnings are indeed very slim.
  • By playing high bets, on the other hand, if you get a good win even over € 100, remember that the Sahara slot will tend to provide you with the remainder of the game in subsequent games. But the cases in which such a payout will be achieved will be rare, and mainly when the slot is in payment.
  • If you ignore these tips and you are a high Bet player, remember that Sahara is not the best slot to attack, as it will tend to eat a lot of money before paying out a maximum payout of 100 euros. If you succeed, remember to try again up to € 30 after the download, in order to test if the slot has finished paying.
  • The preferred game Bet is 25. At this Bet the Sahara slot is more predisposed to give winnings, and there will be more games where you will increase credit even if in a marginal way.
  • It is not necessarily to be abandoned after a time-out. Often, in fact, especially after an accumulation made previously by a player who plays high bets, he can enter into payment but in small steps.
  • In fact, playing Bet 25 can give you play and make many downloads for time-out of figures on the 30-40-50 euros. It is rarely possible to get even 100 euros by always playing Bet 25.
  • It is therefore advisable to optimize the winning of the current game, trying to get the highest possible score. During the game, we will notice how the Sahara slot takes us progressively higher with the credit. Suddenly in this "lucky phase" the slot will slowly begin to erode credit, with very few winnings or bonus games. In that case, once the slot payment method has changed, it is advisable to cash out.
  • You can raise the Bet only in cases where the bonus games pay figures higher than 2000 points, and always gradually, lowering it again if you don't get satisfactory winnings in 10-20 strokes.

Sahara Slot Datasheet

  • RTP (Payout Percentage): ** 65% **
  • Cycle: € 28,000
  • This is a Single Spin slot, winning combinations will be paid out on each spin of the reels.
  • Paylines range from ** 5 ** to ** 10 ** with the maximum Bet.
  • Importance of skill to win: Medium
  • Bonus combination: there is no real combination, usually when the slot has many points before unloading, or the Bonus game paid with the maximum payout, may restart soon for a new payment.
  • Payment ** maximum ** of the slot in Bonus: approximately ** 400 € **.
  • Average ** payment of the slot in Bonus: about ** 250 € **

My thoughts on the Sahara slot

I don't like this slot like other similar ones from Octavian. They are unassailable and there is never a situation in which you can play with the mathematical certainty of winning. Good to win some money at bet 25 for those who have time to lose, but no more.

Technical Data of Sahara

Sahara Slot Online Free Play





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